Friday, June 24, 2011


As a fan of the 7th Doctor, I bought two of my favourite episodes the other day, The Curse of Fenric and Battlefield. Both I enjoy. Curse included an interview with costume designer Ken Trew. 
Perhaps some of us have already seen the DVD and taken notice. In the sketch for McCoy's costume I noticed that not only his hat band and pocket scarf are smokers hankies but so is his tie.
It clearly says, "Tobacco Hankie into Tie."
Does this mean that Sylvester's tie was made from a silk Hanky? Or was a suitable brown tie found instead? Either way it's something to wonder about. If someone knows the answer I would be interested in hearing it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Doctor Tie on Ebay slips away...

Appearing about three days ago was this tie, allegedly knew, although stated to be pre-worn in the description, a
doctor-esque tie.
It is the "Circle Square" Armani tie, silver in color, opposed to the brown of the screen worn tie.
I had hoped people would pass it by being the wrong color, but no, sadly someone really wanted that tie.
I bid as high as I felt comfortable doing, and I suspect whoever one has a sizeable disposable income to spend on this item. I sure don't.
It just goes to that ties, even in the same pattern of the Doctor's are highly sought after and will go for quite a high price.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 New Ties, 4 New Looks

As a person who deeply cares about the clothes he wears and what they represent I always go to great lengths to find the right tie for the right suit. I am still on the hunt for a good navy floral tie to wear with the Blue Suit. The Tenth Doctor didn't just slap on any old tie. They had to match, they had to co-ordinate with the suit. Sure, he wore geometric patterns, floral patterns and even some striped patterns but it breaks my heart when I see someone stick any old tie on and say "'ello 'ello, I'm the Doctor," it's like Yankee Doodle sticking a feather in his cap and calling it Macaroni.
Thus when you are attempting to pull off a "Tenth Doctor" I implore you to scour well and fine something suitable.Oh, and paisley and floral are two separate patterns if you ask me.
Also you don't have to pay a fortune for a good look-a-like. I haven't paid full price for any of mine, and ties are light so they ship cheap.

First up is this lovely random square pattern tie from Armani. I was at Anime North this past weekend and my girlfriend went as Lady Christina. Not having the correct "circle-square" tie from Planet of the Dead, I opted for this one. I like that the squares are oddly placed, very whimsical. It's also the right chocolate brown. A much heavier tie than I've seen before.
I am wearing it as I wore it at AN with the navy shirt from Banana Republic. Someone asked me about shirts the other day and I think the navy are all gone now, (previous season) check BR outlet stores.

This one I wasn't too sure about at first. I impulsed bought it and felt a little bad afterwards because it has a bit of a green tinge to it, sorta. But it is brown, a better brown than the Magnoli Utopia color choice.
The outlined vines are navy and the inner leaves are burgundy, so it has a similar combination of colors, lighter mind you, than the Christan Lacroix (Swirly Tie).
This is a good example of finding an appropriate "Doctor" tie, try to match the colors to whatever you can find.
I tried it on with the light blue BR shirt. They at least should still be available online.
Oh yes, you guessed it: maker Armani

In my continuing search for ties for the blue suit I came across this: Armani tie.
Seriously, after buying many ties I must say that of the choice of Burgundy, Maroon and Wine, burgundy is the way to go. It is the correct shade, Maroon usually being to vibrant. The burgundy is nicely subdued.
I like Armani because of the detail they put into their ties, the pattern on the tie is a three leafed pattern but on closer inspection the leaves are made of smaller shapes. I think that Armani really captures the uniqueness of the Doctor.
Also this tie falls into the category of Smith and Jones burgundy and mauve. I still haven't found a tie with that combination but hopefully Magnoli will produce it at some point, this year or next.

This is sorta of a mistake buy. Like my Partners in Crime attempt One. I was looking for a tie to match the Doctor's Daughter and got suckered into buying this maroon with blue stripe tie. I much prefer the navy tie with burgundy stripes to this. I probably will not wear it, ever.

Anyways, after all this I will eventually begin work on the Seven part of my pseudonym in crafting a 7th Doctor question mark handled umbrella. I will post my progress this summer and you guys can follow along. A quick shout out to Drwhojr who graciously sent me some handles and very kindly responded to my many emails about just how to make the best umbrella.