Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lucky Seven

Not only do my interests dwell on the 10th Doctor's geek chic attire but also the 7th

Seen here in his first serial is Sylvester McCoy with his season 24/25 look.

I have searched the internet for a good looking red and grey paisley tie and I actually found a good match a while ago. It's been some time for me to post it up here though.

From 2002 Ties:

Paisley red print silk necktie
You can get it here for $15 plus shipping.

Its a close enough match for me!

(Also I might let on that I am, when I have the time, recreating the pattern for the 7th Doctor's scarf. I hope to be able to print it on a light fabric and sew it into a scarf. What we know is that in fact the scarf is BOTH maroon and brown and was the same scarf throughout McCoy's entire run. Except for the tartan one he wore in Time and the Rani)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phantasm of a Ricci Tie

Do you see what I see?

This is a resale of Blue Tennant suit jacket. I can only guess it didn't quite fit and the customer returned it. But what is interesting is the tie Magnoli accessorized it with:
Last time he posted pictures of his blue Tennant suit he had added a plain red tie.
This clearly is a prototype of the the soon to be released Ricci Tie.
It certainly has the right pattern, you can compare it to the leaves in the below picture when the tie first debuted in Smith and Jones.
As seen in Smith and Jones
However just from looking at the tie Magnoli has crafted, I'm not so sure it's 100%.
Why? Well I've posted a lot about Maroon and Burgundy before and about how close these colors appear. The Ricci tie vert distinctly a dark burgundy with a mauve floral pattern. I would give a thumbs up for the pattern that Magnoli has developed (possibly from fellow tie enthusiast (ninja)Risu.
At least from this photo the present Magnoli tie is too light a red and the floral pattern in a blue?
It may also possibly lack the distinct herringbone pattern, I might have it but I cannot see it in the one picture. The tie has to have it to get the look right. Also and this may be harder to accomplish is the fade that appears in the floral pattern.

So I would say, top marks for pattern, but needs some work on the color matching.
either way I am stoked to think that this tie might be just around the corner!
I know I will be buying it the moment it is released.

UPDATE: 5:33 PM (9:00ish AM NZ time)
Well someone else noticed this sneak peek too on the RPF.
And I can now confirm my suspicions:

     "Yes, that was an early prototype. It's 100% silk herringbone with a printed design. I was thinking of offering that prototype for sale, but don't have the time to photograph it and add it to the site at the moment...
The final production run is in the works and hopefully will be done by August."

There we have it. Magnoli has himself confirmed this was an early prototype! How exciting is that!?
That means he's been scouring over how to get the best one possible. I am now led to believe that if this is an early prototype then Magnoli has something better in the works. He didn't offer it up before because he didn't have the time. Now a final production run is in the works for August which might mean a new version of the tie. Magnoli has had three such versions of the Daniel Hetcher tie, going from printed to woven to correct pattern woven. 
I think Magnoli is wise to have not posted the prototype and then released another better one. 
Measure twice cut once, right?

UPDATE: 7:00 AM 7.14.11

I can now also confirm that I was right in suggesting Risu had been the intrepid sleuth who tracked down the Ricci tie and painstakingly assembled the photos he took into a workable pattern.

Now we wait...