Monday, October 31, 2011

Armani on the Horizon

For a while now the Doctor Who community, namely those who are interested in David Tennant's geek chic style as the 10th Doctor have been waiting patiently for the next tie to drop.

Well, I'm not entirely sure when this happened, I know Steve Ricks posted about this on the 24th of October, but it may have been earlier than that.
Magnoli posted the very same picture on the RPF on the 26th of October, so we're only a week off

Magnoli has release the first pictures on his website and the response has been positive so far. Of course we will know more about it when we actually have the tie in our hands.


As to the Nina Ricci, it is still coming but this is a pleasant surprise. What I've been told is that Magnoli has a new factory and they were having difficulty reproducing the Ricci pattern. It should show up at some point. I have a feeling, early next year.

I've emailed Magnoli to ask about pre-orders to which he replied, YES, YES, YES. He is expecting a high demand for these ties. He will have a large stock but he also suggests pre-ordering to ensure you get one. Order now!


I have been pretty slopping in posting for a while, but I should put a post up about my pseudo-11th Doctor outfits. Check out TOPMAN for a good looking Doctor Donegal tweed.