Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tennant Style: Blue Suit Edition

Back again with the blue suit edition from the 10th Doctor. 
By examining the series the Blue suit first appears in Smith and Jones. I think fan opinion on this suit is mixed with the majority in favor of the brown suit. 
The blue suit appears much less frequently than the brown, 12 variations in all. (I am counting the Wedding of Sarah Jane here) Of that 12, only in three does David go without a tie. That leaves 9 unique styles seen with a tie from Season 3 to the Specials.

Some of these picture were taken with computer flash, other with indoor light, some with no light.
The Magnoli blue tends to fluctuate in color in all of them.

Before I knew Magnoli was going to make the Ricci tie I went out and searched for one that worked. This look appears less frequently than people think, only 4 times, three times in the actual series and once in the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Nevertheless it has become a fan favourite and I wanted to fine something like to fill my collection.
Seen here is the Armani tie I found. The blue, is actually woven on, so finely it looks like ink. The ties does not have the floral pattern of the Ricci, and it lacks the mauve also, but it does show just how good burgundy looks with this suit.

Seen here is a style the first appears in Daleks in Manhatten and Evolution of the Daleks. It then reappears in The Waters of Mars. You won't believe how difficult it has been trying to find an appropriate navy tie with burgundy/maroon on it. 
Practically impossible. 
Whoever is making ties these days, really needs to think outside the box for once. I think we'd all love to have the original tie, it was SO unique and went very well with this combination.
The tie I settled on is actual Armani, surprise, surprise.

Here you can see the pattern better. It is not floral but random geometric. In the right colors as far as I can tell. The shirt, of course is the pale blue from Banana Republic.
I usually wear this Magnoli suit with the the top button undone because the gorge is too high and it covers most of the tie.

Ok Silence in the Library kids, here it is.
Rather dark, this style of burgundy shirt and navy tie appears in Last of the Time Lords, Time Crash, The Unicorn and the Wasp  and of course Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead. It gets a lot of screen time, although a few of those, Time Crash and Unicorn and the Wasp are more cameos of the the look than the outfit for an episode.

Here I took a picture with no flash and no extra light.

To reveal it properly, here it is again with indoor lighting. The shirt is burgundy.

But honestly, to get that really dark, Silence in the Library look sometimes I pair the dark navy tie with a navy shirt. Ta da! Black? No. Dark? Yes!

Only problem is that the suit is still so light it doesn't make for a very spooky outfit.

I also sometimes bring out a plum colored shirt. As a spin of red and blue I think purple works well with this look, if used correctly.

Finally here is my take on the Doctor's Daughter style. It appears once in the entire series, a burgundy tie with navy stripes. Tennant never wore black beyond his Tux. I DID find a maroon with blue stripe in it, but I feel it is somewhat a weak try at this look. This beauty arrived today and I very much approve. It is the reverse of the actual tie, more navy than burgundy, but the colors are correct so I will be wearing this as the choice for this episode.

And that rounds out the Tennant collection, however I do own a few other ties that I wear with the suit and figured I would throw them up here to be examined:

This is a Maroon Armani, with navy hexagons. I like it because it is a geometric polka dot sort of thing. I've worn it around, more than the Burgundy Armani. I think it works better with the lighter fabric, we will have to see how it fairs with a darker suit later.

Finally my black sheep, but I do consistently wear this more than the others because it is so mysterious, is another Armani. I spied it online and thought, wow it looks like the "Circle Square" tie but in a blue/grey color-way. The background is navy and it has grey lozenges in a random pattern. I figure grey is fairly neutral so I don't worry about it clashing, but the best best is that it has little red dots in the grey lozenges. A lot going on, but just enough to be more interesting than a plain old striped tie.

The Armani is thicker than the others, which to me appear to be made of silk and a think sheet of fabric, it's like wrapping tissue paper around your neck. 
This tie here, is more robust, maybe that is why I wear it more often.

Once again, thanks for looking, my blue suit project is still going on and I'll post about that as time progresses. 

Favorite Style? Let me know call it by it's suit and number I gave it, e.g. Brown 6, or Blue 4.
I'd love to hear what people think, What's your favourite Tenth Doctor style?


  1. I didn't know Magnoli was going to make the Ricci tie! I'm glad other people have done the demanding for me. I hope it comes out soon.

    And thanks for this, by the way.

  2. Oh Boy some one took my poll, what that you Katherine?
    Blue suit eh?