Sunday, November 20, 2011

Duff Man!

This morning I was alerted to an eBay sale for 1 Duffer by St. George tie!

How exciting. But in the past I have been sniped at the last second. :(
Rather than live with long lasting disappointment I manned up and bought it,
thank goodness for the BUY IT NOW option.

I will let you know when it arrives, I am also expecting the Armani replica tie in the mail this week as some of us have already received it.


  1. How is that even possible!? I've spent the last two weeks scouring every variation of eBay looking for Doctor Who ties, or at least decent look alikes, using every key word you could think of. How could I have missed it? :P

    Hahaha, oh well, I would never have had enough money anyway. I'm glad it went to you, someone who could really appreciate it for what it's worth (and post lots and lots of pictures!) ;)

  2. I don't know, it just popped up in my email!
    I have done the same and could recommend some sellers were I have purchased WHO ties from in the past. For $10-20

    I have let too many 10 ties slip away because I was eBay sniped in the last seconds, this time, no matter the price (WHOA) I was determined to lock on down. Plus, I think the Duffer tie turns up the most, more than any of the others.

    I WILL appreciate it! Have you SEEN my blog?
    On that note, why aren't you following it? It's all about Ten's style!

    Of course I will post lots of pictures, do you have any interest in the old Magnoli Duffer replica? I don't suppose I need mine any more.

  3. You know, not once did it occur to me to actually follow your blog! I'm not very good at this whole Blogger thing, hahahaa :P
    Rest assured, I am now.

    I only stumbled across this blog some two weeks ago while searching for DW ties and I've read nigh on all your posts! Very nice, by the way, the detail you and pumpkiny both go to on your blogs keeps my lust for knowledge quite satisfied ;)

    And on that note, I'd love to know which eBay stores you shop at, and I'll show you one tie in particular I'm looking at!
    And yes please! I'd love your old tie! I'm a tad strapped for cash at the moment, though, so whether or not I'll go for it we'll see! :D

  4. Don't want to sound cheeky but, could you scan the tie when it arrives and maybe post it on this blog. Only i'd like to maybe use it on a custom tie website.

  5. Maybe I will...if you maybe (read: probably) use it on a custom tie site.
    Nah, of course, lots of people seem to love this tie...
    You do know Magnoli copied the pattern accurately right?
    Just the tie color is too golden-y

    It should arrive this week

  6. Yeah, i've been thinking about getting the magnoli version for a while but then i saw your blog (with the magnoli utopia tie on the brown suit) and i decided that it was to light