Saturday, March 19, 2011

Suit of a CORRECT color

Here is the wonderful David Tennant, dressed as the 10th Doctor in the real blue with red pinstripe suit.
Made from an existing cotton, but over dyed to achieve this darker effect.
Here is the abomination I own:

 Ok, so this isn't me. But is is a suit that somone bought from Magnoli and has taken pictures in daylight.
Now, in all honestly, it is WAY too light. It should be more of a navy blue than this outrageous color. Magnoli's fabric is the right fabric PRE-dyed. It needs to be over dyed to achieve the correct look.
Magnoli Fabric Reweave (on the RPF)
Here's David again, in day light. And he doesn't look like a clown. You can tell it is a much more subdued color. Thus, I would have bought fabric and dyed it, as $30 a yard, but the price has jumped to $60 a yard. The gossip is that some people have been asking Magnoli to send fabric to his competitors. Save the buyer the shipping. This is terrible, mean and manipulative. It has left others with nothing. Unless we have very deep pockets.

So luckily I was sent a high resolution picture to examine of the REAL fabric, which I then photoshopped into a workable pattern:
I have sent it out to be made into swatches. Once I get them I will test their durability and see how much they fade. If they totally fail I will scrap the project. If they succeed, well here comes the blue suit!

Edit (March 21 2011) This is the Photoshop swatch I made. I think it is the correct colors. I sampled the blue from the swatch and had to tone down the RGB numbers for Rust red to get the correct pinstripes.
After I hear back and get my swatch samples from the fabric people I will post another update.



  1. That "abomination" would be my suit, and me in it. This photo was taken to illustrate the colour in harsh lighting, although this fabric in darker conditions looks much better. I'm certainly looking forward to dying it once I can find someone to hold my hand through the process.

  2. I have the same suit. I hope you are not too offended, that wasn't my intention. If you want me to take it down I will.
    You're right, indoors the fabric can be lighter.
    I feel some de je vu here, I remember saying a similar thing on LJ. I know Magnoli wrote on the RPF that you could dye the whole suit. However Risu thinks that would ruin it, and I agree. Ultimately buying Magnoli's fabric is the best way to go, but it jumped from 150 to 300. I don't know how I feel dying $300. Risky business

  3. No, you're fine - feel free to use that image! :-). As you say, you own one of those too! I've never dyed a suit, maybe I should start a thread on the RPF. It's also possible that Mr. Magnoli might start pre-dying for us.

    I will say though that the brown fabric is really great, absolutely bang on.

  4. Oh ok, hard to tell online about these things.
    I DO own one of these, do you find the pockets too low inside? I have to undo the top button to reach my pocket!

    Read about the dye job on dw_cosplay.

    Where did you hear that Magnoli would do dying for us? From who? Where?
    Yes, the brown suit is superior. It's AMAZING! Just magical.

  5. It's just conjecture on my part that he might start pre-dying, given that he had a huuge amount of that fabric made up. I'm looking forward to seeing how mine comes out once I've put it through the process!