Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tooth and Claw

So, for everyone's enjoyment, here is David in Tooth and claw. A much sought after look.
Especially the FCUK shirt with pick-stiching...hmmm
Here is my shirt which is slate gray, and I added a light blue pick-stitch which I learned online.
The shirt is made a a heavy cotton. It also lacks collar stays. Which if you look at Tennant's outfit you can see that his collar is bent, no stays in there either, but they were probably removed. If you look at the 2010 auction you can see the shirt is a lighter weave. Also more gray than blue. Oh well, at least I got some practice. Oddly, its from Banana. Where many of my other 10 wardrobe comes from. And well all know that Banana is one up from the Gap where the brown pants were found in 2005. Interesting...

And here's me, with said shit (pick-stitch not completed on front) with the brown shirt I found and added the incorrect metal snaps on lol. Good thing I bought 2! and the gray H&M t-shirt. Lovely.

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