Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Win :(

I usually troll Ebay looking for Doctor-ly (ish) stuff, mainly ties. And after months of searching, I was rewarded.
 Well I couldn't believe it, it is the CORRECT color and make, St. George by Duffer, as seen in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
It's asking price was 3:50 GBP. Shipping to Canada was 2.50 C. Wow.I crossed my fingers and hoped no one else had seen it. It was only posted for three days. I even waited for the count down.
In the last 10 seconds the bids went crazy! Jumping from my modest 40 to 65 to 110 and to 140, or $178 Canadian!

That's almost $200 for the Utopia tie. Obviously someone had seen it. They may have bid $1000. I might never have won. It was wild watching it suddenly be snatched away right in front of me.
This tie, and others like it will always be dillegently sought after. I think they will always go for a lot.
Sad as it is, I am well aware that you can't win everything, and I'm glad I could get the other stuff I wanted, without losing so badly.

Better luck, now I know there are Ebay sharks.

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