Friday, January 27, 2012

The "Daleks" have landed

Remember when I lost the most perfect tie over Christmas?

Well a late season Christmas miracle happened and here it is:

So do what ever you fan-people do. Squee, jump, whoop-and-holler, drool (?). But for one of us, amongst all of us it's a win today.

Yes, Steve revealed that this highly sought tie is actually made by KENZO. Well that was way back in 2007? I doubt we're going to find one. This one makes me quite happy. 
As you can see, the colors are correct. Navy and burgundy with raised floral pattern. 
I am wearing it as seen in The Waters of Mars.

The story behind this is:
The eBay seller had lost the tie I originally bought. I was refunded but pretty let down. Well what do you know? Her friend runs a vintage clothing store and sold the same tie. What are the chances?
She contacted me and we set it up, I got the tie today, Express mail. Worth every penny.

She also sent me her hi-res scans of the tie, so for those who (FourKnocks that's you) are waiting for a scan of the Duffer tie, please take a moment to check these out.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but I really wanted this tie in hand before I added anything.


UPDATE: Jan 27th 11:00 PM
Out of curiosity I looked up SUPERBA. They are apparently a huge american company that produces ties for other labels. I found some company history here.
But the best part is the history of my tie. You'll never believe it. This tie has travelled through time, from the 1950's.
The 1950s and 1960s were decades of more rapid change in the neckwear industry, bringing with them the most successful promotion in Superba Cravats' history. In 1951, Helmut Hertz introduced the "Dacron" necktie, made from the new synthetic polyester fabric developed by DuPont (E.I. DuPont DeNemours & Co., Inc.). Completely man-made, Dacron was machine washable, extremely durable, resistant to spotting or fading, and required no pressing, making it a very desirable fabric for neckties. Superba Cravats secured a patent, becoming the sole manufacturer of the Dacron necktie in the entire industry. 

UPDATE: I took some more pictures with different shirts. However this is after sundown and the color is weird. I will take more with natural light.

Ok so this one here with approximate lighting is my best guess at Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. The dark burgundy shirt and then the infamous tie.

This is not canon but for a while people thought that dark burgundy shirt was in fact purple.
So here I am with the eggplant colored shirt. Similar, but not the same. The tie still looks pretty good.

I have some other stuff to post, it will be up soon. Not as exciting, but still pretty neat!
See you soon!


  1. so does the seller have an online store, how did you get in touch with the seller to get it delivered?

  2. @FourKnocks, Yes the seller has a store on eBay. I don't know if she has anymore of these ties. You are welcome to ask. But as always, eBay is hit and miss and single opportunity.
    I emailed them when they cancelled my shipment. Then we emailed back and forth to sort out the deal. It was always Express. I paid the original price.

  3. WOW! This tie looks even better when you have it tied up! Nice catch, and good save there.

  4. @Doctor Spriggz, I think the scanner light made it look sort of dull. Under natural lighting it just glows!
    I will be taking more pictures of other combinations.

    What save where?

    1. I meant save in the context that the tie was ripped out from under you and then you got the chance to get another with the same pattern. That is VERY lucky. You got saved, :D. That tie looks fantastic though, I hope Indy Magnoli will consider doing this tie. on there is a neckties thread and a few users voted for this tie, hopefully it'll happen. Cheers!

    2. Got it.
      It was extremely lucky. Thanks I don't feel like I have to keep searching.
      Ah yes, poor RPF they got hacked. Was there a vote? I wasn't aware.
      I check in on their safe site but there doesn't seem to be any news.

      Do you have a blog about Doctor Who?

  5. Fantastic news! You couldn't write this stuff! I love how the colours work, both are dark enough not to bring undue attention one and not the other. It's a beautiful tie, and remains my favourite of Tennant's costume. I think you're ridiculously lucky to have found such a close pattern. I certainly am drooling! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks CorriTimigan. I am pretty thankful it all worked out.
      In the scans it does look pretty plain but the lighting really brings out all the elements. And surprisingly it's not silk, it's polyester but you'd never know.
      I'll take good care of it.

  6. @Seven and Ten, I don't have a blog, but I do plan on purchasing the swirly tie and doing a HUGE review of it. I sent you an email for help with it. I hope you recieve it soon!

  7. What was the seller's eBay name, and did they or their friend have any more of these ties? I'm stunned by the awesomeness of it!

    1. Hey Fernando, send me an email and I'll get back to you.

  8. Cool! That is a pretty good tie. Similar to my Deng Ying floral tie in the same colours, that I've been using. My friend found that one and I tried to find alternatives after that, but it was difficult. Tell us if the guy is selling more.

    Also, am I right in saying that the Daleks in Manhattan etc. tie is a flip in colours version of the Smith and Jones etc. one.

    1. Katherine, always nice to hear from you.
      I would LOVE to see what Deng Ying tie you are talking about. Email me!


      The DiM and SaJ flips of each other?
      Yes and no.
      They are both drawing from the same color pallet, blue and red.
      But the DiM tie is a dark navy with burgundy design and the SaJ tie is burgundy -> Herringbone weave with blue floral pattern. For a while I thought it was mauve floral, but Risu saw it in person and said it was just blue. I don't think they are that interchangeable, they are very different in my opinion.