Thursday, November 24, 2011

More 11

To keep with the general theme here of 7th and 10th Doctor clothing, I will try to combine all my 11th Doctor stuff into one gigantic post. Something like that...

This is one of my two 11ish blazers. I know it's not really screen accurate, but I feel it captures the feel of the look and so I wear it.

Well, I know many of us were chasing around looking for a blue 11th Doctor shirt. I of course went back to Banana where I spotted the correct weave and bought one.
I have on my wonderful Swagger and Swoon burgundy braces, which I must say are excellent!
Although it lacks the front button placket of Smith's own, I think this shirt does the trick, lets check the weave:

Yep, that's the right one.

And while I'm at it I will try to drum up some business for the eBay seller from which I bought my maroon bow tie:

Here's the LINK

Grab 'em while you can.

However, I should note that it sized HUGE, even at 14 inches it was massive, so I undid some stitching and shortened it so it tied a more reasonable bow tie.


At long last, my Giorgio Tie has arrived!

Now I am not quite sure if this new run of ties is from a new factory. This, and the Hetcher are both lighter than the LaCroix (Swirly) and Duffer (Utopia).
Here was Risu's comment on the weight,
   "The original Armani tie is the heaviest tie I own, considerably more so than Magnoli's ties. They are still a nice      weight, though."

Thus, as Steve Ricks wrote in his review, this tie was based on the designs of the actual tie. This is as close as we're going to get on this one. 
For Magnoli, who sometimes takes a few tries to get one spot-on, this was a bullseye. 

with flash

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kept in suspense, brace for excitment

While I'm on the topic of 11th Doctors, I should cast a few kind works towards the Swagger and Swoon people.

I kept checking their site in hopes that the burgundy suspenders (braces) would come back in stock, since they are such a hot commodity, and as luck would have it they did have some in stock. They advertise these as Dr Who braces no less!

But I also ordered a pair of navy (well he wears those too!)
and black. (?)

Black? Yes, I tend to take my Time Lord fashion into the realm of everyday wear and I bought a plaid jacket in a grey color so the black braces are just the thing.
I'm not going for a nega-Doctor or anything, just a different sort of variation on what we've all seen.

Here are some other shots:

Not entirely an Odd Number (11)

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that while I like Tennant's Geek chic fashion because it is wearable, I also enjoy Matt Smith's taste in Time Lord apparel.

Arriving today were these beauties:

That's right I was part of pumpkiny's authentic Smith S6 boot run. WOO HOO
Believe me, it was worth it.

Here are some comparison shots I took with my Smith stand in:

As you can tell, they are quite a tall boot. The 11 eyelets go much father down the foot than a regular boot and they do not curve upwards the way most contemporary shoes/boots do.

If you are interested I suggest you contact pumpkiny, through his blog. These boots were made at a prop production company of the highest calibre, they went in with an order for other people's boots and were fabulously expensive.

These boots were especially made for me. I had to send in measurements. I was told my foot was short and broad so these boots came out especially shaped.

Here they are with my Doctor jeans, which are actually from American Eagle. They are a
Dark Rich Indigo Wash. I also have a pain in black, they are slim styled but this style has been discontinued in favour of a "Slim Straight" jean now in production.

                                                            Dare I say: Geronimo!

UPDATE: Nov 30th 2011

Now, having worn them I can say a few things:
First of all they are very comfortable to wear. They have the "action" sole on the bottom made of rubber so they are very quite, absolutely no clicking like a leather heel.
Because they fit close to the foot, I want to compare them to rock climbing shoes.
But they're boots...
To get in and out you must undo at least 4 eyelets down to get your foot in, only because they do up so high.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Duff Man!

This morning I was alerted to an eBay sale for 1 Duffer by St. George tie!

How exciting. But in the past I have been sniped at the last second. :(
Rather than live with long lasting disappointment I manned up and bought it,
thank goodness for the BUY IT NOW option.

I will let you know when it arrives, I am also expecting the Armani replica tie in the mail this week as some of us have already received it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Square Circle

It is finally in stock Tennant fans!

Magnoli has come through with this awesome looking, much anticipated, extremely elusive and stunningly whimsical Giorgio Armani replica.

Looks as though he made the announcement on the 7th of November on the RPF. Also saying that he was still working on the Ricci tie.

I pre-ordered mine a week or so ago, and now that he has a picture up on his site, I imagine that they will be shipping soon.  As soon as it is in my possession I will take some pictures and blog about it.

Exciting times!