Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maroon Platoon on the Moon

I haven't posted in a while since things have been rather slow. There have been no tie releases to review and no new clothing to show off. Back when I was thinking of making a blue Tennant suit, I halted that project to lose some weight and then have it made to fit a slimmer me.

In the mean time you will have to amuse yourself with these:

Theses are the two ties I selected for my 7th Doctor outfit. I am not too attached to the brown one. The red one is the one I had publicized before in a previous post. I hope to find a new brown one soon.

And to prove that I DO have 7th Doctor projects in the works (sitting idle), here is my proof. I have two of the umbrellas that Drwhojr had suggested. Living in Toronto means it was just a quick trip to the store he spoke about on YouTube. In fact I bought two remolded handles from drwhojr. I have yet to buy putty to fill in the dents from molding. I found the wooden wooden dolls heads at my local Michaels arts and crafts store. At some point I would like to finish this project up because I can't wait to just walk around with a question mark brolly. However in Canada I think more people would think I am just a classy Riddler from Batman's Rogue's Gallery. However he carries a question mark cane, a umbrella seems very British to me.

I should also now debut the two hat bands that I bought from Steve Ricks. If you haven't heard of Steve or his blog shame on you! Steve has been indispensable in creating the absolute best replica costume pieces.

Anyway the hat bands are both lovely. The brown, Steve created from a scan, and is in fact a piece of a bigger scarf. The red is from a limited supply of originals that were still carried by a retailers. Well I had to get one because they were closest and in short supply.

Thank you Mr. Ricks for the speedy shipment and the definitive hat band hankies. I would never settle for less.

Finally I wanted to know what people thought of the ""Dress as the Doctor" Dress as the Doctor" posts from BBC America. It certainly pales in comparison with the very thorough Ten Breakdown Costume Guide put together by honorarydoctor on the dw_cosplay.

I am thinking of getting a 7th Doctor safari jacket from either Magnoli or Baron. I am leaving heavily towards Magnoli. I like the cut and the flaps on the breast pockets. Let me know what you think. I am of course part of the 7th Doctor sweater group buy as well, and looking forward to that very much!

Meanwhile we shall all await Magnoli's Ricci tie and Armani tie. They were supposed to be available back in May 2011, August is his new ETA, but the pattern is being worked on extensively.

Remember to check in to read all about 7th and 10th Doctor fashion.

See you next time,