Friday, April 15, 2011

Tennant Style: Sans Cravate

I must admit sometimes I go without a tie. This is its own unique style. In some of the ways Ten wears his shirt is akin to the 70's. I read somewhere that having your collar on your lapel only worked if your collar wings were HUGE. I disagree. It all has to do with personal taste. In some cases Ten wears a spread collar, which is a very short collar outside his suit jacket.

To start us off here is a definite fan favourite, from Tooth and Claw and Blink I give you the multi-layered look! To start I love this look but it is a bit of a hassle. Its great for cold days, you don't feel a thing! In a heated building it got a little warm. This was actually the look I wore the day my Tennant suit arrived, I wore it to the airport.
The first layer is the slate grey H&M t-shirt. It's very soft and stretchy fabric. The second layer, while not a real River Island pullover is close enough for me. I really hunted this one down. There is a River Island in Vaughn but I didn't bother to go, this shirt has long since left their catalogue. I found this beauty in a Stitches liquidation store in the poorest part of town. It originally had buttons but I removed them. I went to Fabric land for snaps but they did not have the tool for the screen worn snaps. I settled for these. Why? because I bought two shirts, just in case, they cost me a hefty $10! lol
The next shirt was also a difficult shirt to find and I don't think it's the right color, too light but cheap enough to experiment on. From Ebay, it turned out to be a heavy cotton shirt, almost flannel like. I put the pick-stiching in myself. Wooo!

UPDATE: I have decided to replace the brown thermal with a closer match. I know Risu was recommending a shirt from American Apparel.

Baby Thermal Long Sleeve Henley style#T457

 I bought one, it should arrive soon. I want to replace the buttons with the correct studs and then we're all set!

Here is the one off School Reunion look. Trust me, I am wearing a dark blue H&M shirt, but see how it looks black under the camera? How we were fooled! The grey shirt is from, you guessed it, Banana Republic. It was here in the winter, called "Charcoal Heather" From this view you can't see, but it is a grey heathered cotton.

Here is my Fear Her look. I don't have too much to say about this one. It is probably the most casual of every combination Tennant wears, beyond pyjamas. I must say this look did not keep me warm even under my Abbyshot coat. I can guess it will work better in spring. The navy shirt should have 4 buttons to be screen accurate but otherwise its pretty close. Oddly it came from H&M.

Here is a look I don't have. The maroon shirt from 42 has been hard to find. My mother brought me back a burgundy striped shirt when she was in the US but it had an appalling sheen to it. I will say that the colors : maroon, wine and burgundy are all quite different. I think this shirt is more of a wine color, maroon being more red. As you can see the shirt has a spread collar.

Bring on the Blue!
Here is me in MY Magnoli blue suit, unaltered. This look is technically the Planet of the Ood style. Notice how high up the top button is on the suit in comparison to the brown suit I own. You can read my critique of this suit in the Ten 2.0 Style guide on dw_cosplay.

Here I am wearing the suit as I usually do, top button undone. Actually in this picture, now that I see it the burgundy shirt that I have own has become the infamous "black shirt" that people think the Doctor wears in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. I will be showing that look a little bit later some time next week.
The grey shirt is the H&M slate color as in the Tooth and Claw look. The burgundy shirt was a tough find. I looked everywhere. Lots of them come with a stupid shine to them and not the matte color it should have. I found this shirt at a Moore's. They originally told me they did not have this color so I looked around and found a stash of them in the discount bin. It is a very flimsy shirt, so I don't wear it much which is a real shame. It came with horrendous white buttons which I replaced with burgundy ones.

Rounding out my collection for this guide is the look from Midnight! I debated wearing the shirt from that I wore with the striped tie as it is a little darker. However I wanted to show this blue one anyway. The real shirt that Tennant wears is more of a Yale Blue than this. It also features a fly front, that is the buttons are covered up by a piece of material. This shirt does not have that, but like the real one it features a spread collar. Once again, trust me I am wearing a dark navy t shirt from H&M. If we have learned anything from my posts it is the camera glaze distorts the colors significantly. The blue shirt is from Le Chateau.

Two looks I did not accomplish was for Ten 0.2, meta crisis ten. I LOVE this look. But I have not found a maroon shirt yet.

This is the final open collar no tie look. How Ten starts his run in The End of Time Part I. As you can see clearly it is has the fly front, leading me to think that it is the same shirt from Midnight. I would have put a picture of me up, but the H&M brown t-shirt I bought it far too dark.

Thanks for reading guys, more to come later:
Anticipate the Blue Suit!!!

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