Monday, April 18, 2011

Notes on 10's Style

I first spotted this online while looking up pictures of the suit. Things we know about how Tennant wore the suit, such as the trousers as low-rise, sitting on the hip style, is one.
To add something new to the discourse I noticed first here, that David's tie is tied with the thin end longer than the wider blade.
Now I wonder why this was done?
1. Was David, being tall, required to tie his tie like this to get the knot the right size?
2. Was this a personal style choice by David or Louise Page?
3. Was it only in some cases that his tie was tied like this, or all the time?

This isn't the only time his tie can be seen worn like this either. Here is another shot, with the infamous navy w/ maroon floral, tied with the short end longer. I think think shot is from Voyage of the Damned, noting the dust on his shoulders.

I remember reading in GQ once about various people's individual styles, one celebrity was known for tying his tie with the thinner end much longer than the wide end.
If you take a normal tie and knot it like this you get a larger knot. I know with some of the Armani ties I have tying them normally results in a tiny knot. For a while I tied my ties with the shorter end longer to get a larger knot.

For the most part mens suit trousers are intended to wear up to the waist, with a tie that reaches this height. If we wear our pants on our hips, to make the tie reach that height we would end up with a smaller knot.

I think that Tennant's ties are tied short to create a recognizable knot, since for the most part the audience does not see the bottom of the ties. It's good to note this, for authentic Tennant style, the tie should be tied a little short.

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