Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Other Blue tie

Is there really a name for this tie?
Steve Ricks called it "Blue with horizontal bark effecton the RPF it was referred to as the "denim tie"

Perhaps it looks like denim but all my bets are that it is silk with a denim pattern. The RPF crew have been postulating over a bow tie made from a light weight denim.

I on the other hand went in a very different direction:

When it comes to screen accurate exact or very cool and almost there, I choose the latter in lieu that the other option I'm no so confident in. I received a tip from one of my readers about this bow tie. I ordered myself one in a slim free style pattern.While its not exact I must say I am pretty happy with it.

It seems to be made of a canvas-y silk, with interfacing. I'm not a fan of interfacing in my bow ties because they lose their floppiness and for someone trying to garner whimsy and not splendour I think floppy wins out every time.

I am including a close up of the bow so you can see why I am so impressed with it. It does have that denim-like texture, albeit silk. But most remarkable is the the lines that are running through it. You should know by now how picky I am about Doctor Who fashion. It doesn't have the same intensity that the screen worn tie has, this one is far more subdued.

At the behest of my reader I took it outside and tried to get a good shot of it in the full sun. It's still dark but the light does make it close enough to the real thing for me.

So, tell me what you think. I'm pretty pleased with this one. I've ordered another bow from the same people. No doubt I'll blog about that one too. This one will get added to my bow tie entry.

As always send me your questions,

In the Flesh

This post is dedicated to Steve Ricks,
Many thanks for being so accommodating

I might just have to say that meeting the renowned Steve Ricks was the highlight of my visit to England.

As you may or may not know I ordered my S5 and S6 boots through Steve as well as authentic 7th Doctor hanky hat bands. My biggest project with Steve was to commission him to build me a S6 Shetland Tweed jacket.

(Oddly I don't have it with me. But I'll get to that)

The original jacket that arrived was too big for me and Steve graciously offered another one he had waiting in the wings as an exchange. We found a time to meet on Thursday before the convention in Cardiff. Where else would be meet but here?

He was easy to spot bobbing around in his own S6 Tweed. It made me wonder, as a Canadian fan how much the public reacted to people dressed as the Doctor. But perhaps it just goes without saying. Funny to think in Canada I roam around in tweed and bow ties and no one seems to get a clue.

Steve led me to a quieter part of town, Soho Square to be exact.

I spent an hour chatting with Steve face to face about the sartorial side of Doctor Who. Which of course is what both out blogs are about in the first place. He gave me a new jacket that fit tight in the shoulders but wasn't as big as the first once I'd recieved. It would pass for the convention on Saturday.

It was great to meet the man behind so much momentum in the DW community and to catch up on his latest projects. Furthermore, meeting someone face to face really seals the trust between them.

At the time I wrote this on my laptop in my hotel I appear to have written, "Regretably I did not connect with Steve in Cardiff on Saturday. In the future I hope to cross paths with him at Gallifrey One. Who knows?"

However I guess I hadn't peeked into the future far enough. As Monday rolled around I thought it might be a good idea to try and exchange this jacket yet again. I know Steve is known for his customer service, which is unparalleled after I tell you this next story. 

I sent him a message on Facebook asking if there was anything he could do about the jacket. Thankfully he replied yes. There was a small window where he would be returning on the train from Cardiff on Monday. We had to be at Paddington station at 1:00pm sharp. It was a mad dash to finish our sight seeing and meet the train on time. All this without any internet connection. Luckily my friend Tyler spotted Steve in his Tweed and I was able to wish him a final thanks and bid farewell to a Tweed that went to Cardiff. Now that is an adventure.

(I'm sorry for this taking almost a month to post. I wrote all my entires on my laptop which as remained off and away since I got back from the UK. April is Birthday Month for me so I've been all consumed with work and boardgames. However I have lots to write about. My take on the Cardiff convention, a new bow tie that might be a winner, and discussion about the 3, yes, THREE different burgundy bows that show up in Season 6 of Doctor Who. It's all coming your way, so hang on to your Stetsons!)