Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Other Blue tie

Is there really a name for this tie?
Steve Ricks called it "Blue with horizontal bark effecton the RPF it was referred to as the "denim tie"

Perhaps it looks like denim but all my bets are that it is silk with a denim pattern. The RPF crew have been postulating over a bow tie made from a light weight denim.

I on the other hand went in a very different direction:

When it comes to screen accurate exact or very cool and almost there, I choose the latter in lieu that the other option I'm no so confident in. I received a tip from one of my readers about this bow tie. I ordered myself one in a slim free style pattern.While its not exact I must say I am pretty happy with it.

It seems to be made of a canvas-y silk, with interfacing. I'm not a fan of interfacing in my bow ties because they lose their floppiness and for someone trying to garner whimsy and not splendour I think floppy wins out every time.

I am including a close up of the bow so you can see why I am so impressed with it. It does have that denim-like texture, albeit silk. But most remarkable is the the lines that are running through it. You should know by now how picky I am about Doctor Who fashion. It doesn't have the same intensity that the screen worn tie has, this one is far more subdued.

At the behest of my reader I took it outside and tried to get a good shot of it in the full sun. It's still dark but the light does make it close enough to the real thing for me.

So, tell me what you think. I'm pretty pleased with this one. I've ordered another bow from the same people. No doubt I'll blog about that one too. This one will get added to my bow tie entry.

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