Friday, November 9, 2012

The Best of News

Direct from the RPF, this just dropped and it's the news we have been waiting for year to hear.
In fact since the end of David's run we've been waiting.

It's been a struggle and long gruelling campaign but I think finally we are seeing the completion. 

This swatch was debuted by Magnoli on the RPF. It's pattern as created by Risu from the original tie is 100% correct. I think we have a lot to be thankful for today.
The DW fandom worked really hard on this Nina Ricci project and it paid off.
We hope to see this tie available by Christmas.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Found Them!

We have been on the hunt for the correct G-Star RAW jeans, the Doctor's "Hyper Trousers" for some time now. Steve Ricks got close and even I picked up a few different pairs.
To me, the key defining characteristic was that the closure button at the waist was bronze.
The jeans that I have both are black.


Today I thought I would pop by my local (not so local) Diesel outlet store. Low and behold they also carried surplus G-Star products. And what should be hanging on one of the racks?

And there they were. Well at waist size 29 they are too small for me. I didn't buy them.
I took a few more pictures for identification purposes. And for you rabid fans you, I took down all the numbers on the tag. The sales associate told me they are discontinued. (Well we knew that) But I guess it's nice to know its the truth.

On close inspection the back pocket G-STar signature swoosh is a different colour than either of me own two Blade slim jeans. This is a cream sort of colour, not dark grey or white.

So there you go, I found them. Perhaps the last pair ever.
If you felt so inclined to want them I wouldn't mind popping back out there, but no promises, they might have vanished.

G Star
RN 104506/CA 41169
Blade Slim (29 Waist -32 Inseam)
50220 2072 1241