Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just like the old days...

And then this happened...

David was seen wearing a new tie for the 50th Anniversary DW special.


Alright, don't panic. Apparently they have already sold out. There is a darker version still available, which I just ordered now. Too exciting for words.

You see, not only is this probably not a Louise-Page pick, but it is also the tie that will forever be known in history as the tie that the 10th Doctor wore when he returned to the series for the 50th Anniversary.

Big news indeed.

Sadly, my order was cancelled within minutes of this post.
I sent back an inquiry to see what was the matter, but it looks like their inventory has dried up.
We'll have to wait.
At the same time, I don't want to over pay for this tie, so, like other have suggested, don't get suckered into paying more on eBay than is reasonable.

The older ties are far more rare and out of production. I can justify spending more on a Sound of Drums Duffer (featured in 3 episodes) than on a single tie that is about $40 CAD.