Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tooth and Claw

So, for everyone's enjoyment, here is David in Tooth and claw. A much sought after look.
Especially the FCUK shirt with pick-stiching...hmmm
Here is my shirt which is slate gray, and I added a light blue pick-stitch which I learned online.
The shirt is made a a heavy cotton. It also lacks collar stays. Which if you look at Tennant's outfit you can see that his collar is bent, no stays in there either, but they were probably removed. If you look at the 2010 auction you can see the shirt is a lighter weave. Also more gray than blue. Oh well, at least I got some practice. Oddly, its from Banana. Where many of my other 10 wardrobe comes from. And well all know that Banana is one up from the Gap where the brown pants were found in 2005. Interesting...

And here's me, with said shit (pick-stitch not completed on front) with the brown shirt I found and added the incorrect metal snaps on lol. Good thing I bought 2! and the gray H&M t-shirt. Lovely.

Suit of a CORRECT color

Here is the wonderful David Tennant, dressed as the 10th Doctor in the real blue with red pinstripe suit.
Made from an existing cotton, but over dyed to achieve this darker effect.
Here is the abomination I own:

 Ok, so this isn't me. But is is a suit that somone bought from Magnoli and has taken pictures in daylight.
Now, in all honestly, it is WAY too light. It should be more of a navy blue than this outrageous color. Magnoli's fabric is the right fabric PRE-dyed. It needs to be over dyed to achieve the correct look.
Magnoli Fabric Reweave (on the RPF)
Here's David again, in day light. And he doesn't look like a clown. You can tell it is a much more subdued color. Thus, I would have bought fabric and dyed it, as $30 a yard, but the price has jumped to $60 a yard. The gossip is that some people have been asking Magnoli to send fabric to his competitors. Save the buyer the shipping. This is terrible, mean and manipulative. It has left others with nothing. Unless we have very deep pockets.

So luckily I was sent a high resolution picture to examine of the REAL fabric, which I then photoshopped into a workable pattern:
I have sent it out to be made into swatches. Once I get them I will test their durability and see how much they fade. If they totally fail I will scrap the project. If they succeed, well here comes the blue suit!

Edit (March 21 2011) This is the Photoshop swatch I made. I think it is the correct colors. I sampled the blue from the swatch and had to tone down the RGB numbers for Rust red to get the correct pinstripes.
After I hear back and get my swatch samples from the fabric people I will post another update.


No Win :(

I usually troll Ebay looking for Doctor-ly (ish) stuff, mainly ties. And after months of searching, I was rewarded.
 Well I couldn't believe it, it is the CORRECT color and make, St. George by Duffer, as seen in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
It's asking price was 3:50 GBP. Shipping to Canada was 2.50 C. Wow.I crossed my fingers and hoped no one else had seen it. It was only posted for three days. I even waited for the count down.
In the last 10 seconds the bids went crazy! Jumping from my modest 40 to 65 to 110 and to 140, or $178 Canadian!

That's almost $200 for the Utopia tie. Obviously someone had seen it. They may have bid $1000. I might never have won. It was wild watching it suddenly be snatched away right in front of me.
This tie, and others like it will always be dillegently sought after. I think they will always go for a lot.
Sad as it is, I am well aware that you can't win everything, and I'm glad I could get the other stuff I wanted, without losing so badly.

Better luck, now I know there are Ebay sharks.

Monday, March 14, 2011

That's a nice coat

So I wandered into my usual on campus Monday haunt, the campus bar.
I popped into the washroom and just as I finished up another guy enters. He keeps glancing over his shoulder at me, and I am wondering, what is this?
On my way out, he says, "That's a great coat,"
and me, not being afraid in the Tenth Doctor's coat, say, "Thanks,"
"I used to have one like that, but it's all beaten up" he says,
"I wanted to get a new one,"
"I got this one online I say."
"I was looking online and couldn't find anything."
Now I'm hooked.
"How much are you willing to spend?" This seems a reasonable question, since it is not a cheap coat, but not too unreasonable either.
"About $300."
"Well, that's exactly how much this costs!"
He can't believe his good fortune. I take out a slip of paper from my wallet and scribble down AbbyShot.
"It's the Doctor's coat."
:"I thought so," he says, "But I didn't want to say, and seem like a super nerd."
"That;s ok, I AM a super nerd, and I'm dressed like him."
"I thought when I saw you, "That guy looks like the Doctor!""

I am glad to know that I helped out. I hope he gets one. Mega Awesome.
Great day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tennant Tie Progress

So in order to depict the ties I have and which tie they match to I have prepared this cool chart.
It helps me keep track of what I have left to find.

So I am using a few symbols here:
The Clock means that it is being created and will exist shortly.
The Check means I have something close, but no picture to post yet
The Question mark means that no one knows who made the tie and much about it, pattern wise.

The space directly beside the screen cap is for a "as-close-as-possible"
The next slot is for a good reproduction, with some flaws,
The final slots are for look-alikes, or ties that have the same level of whimsy as the original.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tennant Ties

In order to create the perfect Ten look I have been collecting ties. Which means all my old ties are not collecting dust :'(. Oh well.

I have Steve Ricks of Tennant Suit Blog to thank for creating a tie index. My task was to find the ties that match the ties seen on screen. There are 12 in all.

On the left are screen shots of the ties from the series and on the right are my finds that are as close a match as I can find.


As seen in: The Christmas Invasion
The Search: Because there are no good close up shots of this tie and no idea who made it, anything could take its place.
Today I can report that I have two new ties that I can add to this category,
of a Brown on Brown floral patterned tie.
George by St. Duffer
Deng Ying
The first of these is the Deng Ying, from China. It is great quality 100% silk. The pattern is repeated throughout.
The second tie that arrived today is the same Duffer tie that Steve Ricks added in his Alternatives list. It is much skinner than I thought it would be. Not a skinny tie per se but at least a medium width. It's hard for me to really see the colors well but it brown on brown, with the floral motif sewn in a diagonal pattern. Very nice I feel privileged to have it. Thanks to Stephanie in Scotland from dw_cosplay for sending it over.

Daniel Hetcher

As seen in: Attack Of The Graske, New Earth,  
Rise Of The Cybermen (see above), Doomsday, The Runaway Bride, Partners In Crime, The Unicorn and the Wasp, The End Of Time Pt 1, The End Of Time pt2
The Search: This tie has been faithful reproduced by Magnoli Clothiers. While the pattern is not exact, a new version is in the works that is the correct pattern.
UPDATE March 29, 2011: Magnoli, true to his word has finally released a new weave of the Hetcher tie.
I ordered one that night, so it should arrive in a week or so, then I will post a picture and a review.


As seen in:
The Search:
The third tie is often mistakenly cited as being simply brown. It has a slight subtle pattern and large brown polka dots in a diagonal pattern. To date this tie has still eluded me, I have not even found a brown on brown polka dot pattern tie. The search on this continues...

Christian Lacroix

As seen in: The Girl In the Fireplace, Love And Monsters, Blink, The End Of Time pt2
The Search: Because of the high demand for this tie, Magnoli created it. Reports from someone who actually handled the tie described the design as being printed on and having no burgundy coloring. Some have speculated that Matt Smith's Swirly tie was a embroidered replica with burgundy.
Appearing first in Girl in the Fireplace. Known among fans as the Swirly Tie, it is made by Christian Lacroix
I only bring this one out for special occasions. In fact, maybe we should call it the Doctor-Lite tie, as it features in two of those episodes.



Thomas Nash

As seen in: The Idiot’s Lantern
The Search:
Tie Five is another one shot tie. It appears only in The Idiots Lantern.
 Once again it is mistakenly explained as being paisley. However it is more of a repeating S shape pattern

Here's the one I found to take its place. It's an Alfani red brown on dark brown. Not what I would call paisley but definitely floral. The design is raised, which is nice. The motif is repeating all the way up like the real tie,

Add caption

As seen in: The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, Human Nature, The Family Of Blood
The Search:Tie Six is still a mystery as to its fashion label. I did however find a navy tie with brown squares in the correct colors. I think this will have to be my substitute.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani


As seen in: Love And Monsters, Army Of Ghosts (see right), Doomsday, Smith And Jones. The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Fires of Pompeii (see above), The Family Of Blood (see below), Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Planet Of The Dead
The Search:Some people know this as the "Doctor's Tie." Yes he does wear it a lot. Not my favorite but I would like to have it for some variety, he usually wears it in the Season Finales. While I don't have one that is close enough, I did find this Navy/Gray/Red tie. I wear it with the blue suit, with a dark or light blue shirt.

UPDATE: Nov 24, 2011
Magnoli's new "Giorgio" tie arrives! A near perfect replica, this tie is a must-have for any Ten. Well made, well researched.

Nina Ricci
Giorgio Armani

As seen in: Smith And Jones, The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky and 
The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith
The Search:Tie Eight is the first of the ties that
Ten wears with his Blue Suit. I am so proud of finding a close-to match. The one I found is burgundy, and nice and dark. The diamonds are not mauve, but blue. Close enough. I like the design, there's a lot too it and it could easily be missed if you are not paying attention.

This second tie also follows in the same color pattern. Although it was described as a wine, not burgundy.
the difference being: Burgundy is a a mixture of red and blue, maroon is a dark red, and Wine? Well it could be both! In person the best way to describe this color is that is is lighter than the previous Burgundy tie. It is either maroon or wine. It is red, over all. With navy hexagon dots and the silk looks like feathered scales.
Giorgio Armani
Today, March 21st was my first time wearing it out. I feel now that is is very close to the brown Armani "Doctor" tie. Almost like a red version for the Blue suit.

As seen in: Daleks In Manhattan, Evolution Of The Daleks, The Lazarus Experiment, The Last Of The Time Lords, Time Crash, Voyage Of The Damned,  The Unicorn And The Wasp, Silence In The Library, Forest Of The Dead, The Waters Of Mars
 -->It is also not black, but in fact a dark navy with maroon floral vines and leaves.
The Search: I gave up trying to find the perfect tie and settled for a a close second.

My tie nice is now my pride and joy. I have grown to love it. It has all the required colors, in a different sort of pattern. I was on the fence about this one, glad I got it.
Giorgio Armani

This second one is really my first of my collection. It is purple. So it doesn't really go with either suit, although I wore it once with the blue suit. I may wear it again, I still like it.

Giorgio Armani

St. George by Duffer

As seen in:  Utopia, The Sound Of Drums and The Last Of The Time Lords
The Search: I bought Magnoli's version, it looks amazing, but is the wrong color. Tennant ties worn with the blue suit need to be a chocolate brown shade to look right.

And I almost had a real one too! I posted about that today.

UPDATE: I bought the real St. George by Duffer tie on eBay and will post a picture soon
Dec 5th, 2011

This Alfani tie has popped up in a few placed on the net. It's from Macy's you can get it whenever. They don't ship to Canada. It does have all the elements of a good Tennant tie, although being long and thick. When tied in a 4-in-the-hand the knot is quite large, with tie to spare.


As seen in: Partners In Crime and The Next Doctor
The Search: I know that the DW community has sent pictures to Magnoli in hopes that he will create a replica. Since the Paul Smith look alike has not shown up lately, waiting for Magnoli is probably the best bet.

UPDATE: I bought a Geoffrey Beene tie on eBay and will post a picture soon
Dec 5th, 2011


As seen in: The Doctor's Daughter.
The Search: I spent a long time trolling Ebay for a tie that matches this as close as possible. Today, March 10th, I found a good look-a-like.
It has been surprisingly hard to find a burgundy tie with navy blue stripe pattern.