Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tennant Style: Brown Suit Edition

Rather than copying my posting of my style guide on dw_cosplay I thought that I would debut some of the variations of the Brown suit. I think these should be better than a screen capture, not screen authentic but very close.

To me, style is important. I wear the suit with pride and love being recognized as the Doctor. I am pretty serious about it and making it look right.

(Note: not included in this collection is the Armani tie, still waiting on Magnoli for that one.)
The majority of these ties came from eBay where I paid as low as $5 USD to max $20 USD. Some are Magnoli and the Duffer was shipped to me by Stephanie in the UK. The shirts are impeccable quality and when I was buying them Banana Republic had a promotion and I save 30% on some of them. The suit is Magnoli, I had to ask for the gorge to be lowered, and you will see when I post the Blue suit combinations that the gorge height is too high. Something to keep in mind.

Also, I assure you that all the shirts, with the exception of the khaki one are blue.
But look how they turn white! Ah Ha!

While no one has yet to identify the first tie that David wears in the Christmas Invasion, the St. George by Duffer is a good choice. I'm wearing it here with a light blue shirt. I believe the first light blue shirt, the Uni Qlo was a linen shirt. This is a cotton shirt from Banana Republic.

Arriving today (April 19, 2011) is the lastest incarnation of the Hetcher tie. I must say, this time it's really spot on. The previous tie(s) were made more contemporary thickness, this tie harkens back to a thinner, flatter weave, much more quality feel than the previous. It has lost it's sheen from glossy silk and is rather a matte color. It looks excellent.

Seen here is the Magnoli's latest (2nd) incarnation of the Hetcher tie. He recently released an updated pattern. I am waiting for it to arrive.
I think I might be retiring this one now. As much as I liked it, compared to the new one this is far over shadowed.

Newly Arrived (Nov 24, 2011) is Magnoli's Giorgio Tie.
Tennant wears this tie with both pale blue and navy shirts.
You can see this combination in: Army of Ghosts, The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End I

It first appears in Love and Monsters.  This combination is also seen in: The Family of Blood, The Fires of Pompeii, it makes a final appearance in Planet of the Dead

While I know that the tie in School Reunion is a brown with subtle polka dot, this chocolate floral is just as interesting. I like that is it brown on brown. The pattern is subtle, like the tie from this episode. I am wearing the pale blue shirt from Banana Republic. The tie is Deng Ying.

Here is my "Girl in the Fireplace" look. I only get out the swirly tie for special days. To tie this in the right style I had to really make the larger blade much shorter. The tail end is about two inches longer than the large blade. I am wearing a dark navy shirt from Banana Republic.

UPDATE 09/22/2011: I wanted to add my new blue/green shirt that I picked up at, you guessed it: Banana Republic. It was on clearance in my size! It is an excellent screen match to the actual shirt worn, even though the shirt David wears was a navy blue.

I just started trying out this style the other day. I know it is not a popular variation. I think the khaki blends in a little too much. But it's interesting. The shirt I am wearing came from the Bay. You can't see but the collars are actually button down and has two breast pockets. It's more a safari shirt than a dress shirt, perhaps that is why it loses some appeal. But it is nice on a hot day.

This is my "Idiot's lantern" close enough. I like very much, it was a chance find and I waffled on it but ended up getting it. It is made by Alfani. If I had one complaint it would be that the light brown is somewhat reddish than an olive.

Finally a chance to debut my "Satan Pit" and "Family of Blood" tie. It is not exact but it is navy with copper/brown (?). I am not wearing the correct shirt here, just repeating the safari shirt from before.

I was not too keen to post this tie. It is not the right color. The real Duffer tie is a chocolate brown. I decided to include it so people could get an idea of what it looked like with the brown suit. I don't see people at conventions sporting this one. It's still a nice tie.

UPDATE: I am selling this tie, please message me for details Nov 26, 2011


Arriving today is the new version of the Partners in Crime/The Next Doctor tie. Unlike my first attempt at this tie, this one is made by Brooks Brothers. I don't know if you can tell but the stripes are raised. They are navy blue and cornflower blue, the color of the pinstripes in the fabric. The lighter blue are outlined in white, while the background brown is textured and not a smooth silk.
I think this tie is really spot on, I saw it and rather than bid on it did a "But-it-now."


Here is my first attempt at the "Partners in Crime" and "Next Doctor" tie. It is not really the right anything. THe blue is a light blue and there are light brown stripes. The background is the right chocolate color. It is made by Geoffrey Beene, bought through Ebay.
 The shirt I am wearing took a lot of debating. I ended up getting it. I don't wear it too often, it's from Le Cheateau.
I did manage to find a good replacement for this one. It has a brown background with navy and cornflower stripes. I will post it when I get it.

UPDATE: I am selling this tie. Please messages me for details. Nov 26, 2011

Here is an old favourite. It's that Alfani tie that keeps popping up on cosplayers on the net. I like it with a navy shirt. It is similar to the colors of the real Duffer tie from "Utopia" It think it is extra long because the knot is one of the largest of all the ties. I highly recommend it.

Finally rounding it all off is something completely different. Here is the Lacroix tie as it appears in "The End of Time Part II: However, i hope you can tell that I am wearing a different shirt. This is a light blue shirt, but a darker shade than the pale one. I am not quite sure if it pops up else where in the series. I would love to here some speculation. I only bought one of these last season, I wish I had more it's perfect. I got it at Banana Republic, ironically the step above the Gap where the original pants came from. To tie the Magnoli Lacroix tie like this was a real challenge. Looking at photos you can see that the swirls are not visible because of this the larger blade is much longer. It's a bit of an illusion. I think this is a important picture because I have heard on some threads that people believed that they were two different ties. I don't know how I feel about the burgundy in the tie, I don't think it fits.


  1. ;) Sexy and very accurate. Are you going to put the blue suit ties up?

  2. Oh my! Glad you enjoy this so much.
    I pride myself for being a style stickler.
    The blue suit is post will be up soon. And I will also do a "Forgoes the Tie" edition of both color of suits.

  3. Great Stuff! :D

    Just a couple of questions,

    1. By how much did you ask Magnoli to lower the gorge on the suit by?
    2. In Banana Republic, what type of shirts are the blue shirts? (It makes trying to find them a heck of a lot easier!)

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks for viewing,
    I will direct you to dw_cosplay:

    1. When ordering a bespoke suit, they will turn out a little different every time, per customer because of height and weight. Basically the top most button looks best if placed mid sternum. If you look at pictures of my blue suit you can see that with the top button done up it hides most of the tie. Magnoli asked me to measure from the shoulder seam to where I wanted the top button to be placed. Try this on your own suit jacket to get an idea. I think I asked for 12 inches.

    2. The item number is 611605. For the light blue and charcoal. I don't think they are selling the navy blue shirt anymore

    Hope this helps!

  5. Cheers, I've seen that guide before and it is treasured! And thanks about the shirt, because in general its a decent shirt. Your right about the top button of the suit, as in the show, you do want to show off the tie a bit, so I agree that mid sternum is about right.

    I like your variations of the swirly tie btw. I have one myself and wouldn't you agree that its near impossible to do a four-in-hand knot at the right portion of the tie to match the knot seen in 'The End of Time'?

  6. Glad to help,

    There was a lot of misunderstandings on the forums back the day when people were convinced the Lacroix tie (Swirly Tie) was in fact two different ties. It looks great with the swirl up high, but to get the "End of Time" look there isn't enough tie to make a great knot. It took me several tries to get it this way.

    I was at Anime North this weekend and saw a Tenth Doctor with the "End of Time" style. Personally I like the "Girl in the Fire Place/Love and Monsters" look. I don't wear that tie too much, it's very eye catching but it is also so iconic that everyone has it!

    As you can see I like hunting for ties that have the same Tenth Doctor feel to them. I've seen people who just thrown on the wrong tie. I think the whimsical tie is a definitive part of the look. I have some new ones I want to put up soon.

  7. Cool, so how did you manage, or that Doctor, manage to get that 'End of Time' knot on the Magnoli Tie? Be great to see a pic of your attempt!

  8. There is a picture on my Blog of the End of Time look. I added a picture of David Tennant with his tie tied like it too. I think the real Christian Lacroix ties pattern was different from Magnoli's from what I've read on Gallifrey Base, the pattern was printed on silk. This one person had seen the tie up close because he was part of a film school, but not allowed to take pictures. I think the pattern on the Magnoli tie is correct, but not at the right height. I know Risu would argue that there is burgundy patches in the tie, and I still am dubious if there are or not.
    I realize that the tie appears reversed on David, but that is because the picture of me wearing the Magnoli tie is a mirror image and it appears reversed.

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  10. Cool thanks,

    You don't have the Galiifrey Base link to that Swirly Tie and film school guys experience discussion do you? Im guessing its all in one discussion?


  11. I have the Magnoli swirly tie and i can do the knot exactly like the knot in the 'End of Time' picture? If anyone is interested i will try and take a picture of it

  12. Hey FourKnocks, yes send me a picture and I will blog it!