Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not entirely an Odd Number (11)

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that while I like Tennant's Geek chic fashion because it is wearable, I also enjoy Matt Smith's taste in Time Lord apparel.

Arriving today were these beauties:

That's right I was part of pumpkiny's authentic Smith S6 boot run. WOO HOO
Believe me, it was worth it.

Here are some comparison shots I took with my Smith stand in:

As you can tell, they are quite a tall boot. The 11 eyelets go much father down the foot than a regular boot and they do not curve upwards the way most contemporary shoes/boots do.

If you are interested I suggest you contact pumpkiny, through his blog. These boots were made at a prop production company of the highest calibre, they went in with an order for other people's boots and were fabulously expensive.

These boots were especially made for me. I had to send in measurements. I was told my foot was short and broad so these boots came out especially shaped.

Here they are with my Doctor jeans, which are actually from American Eagle. They are a
Dark Rich Indigo Wash. I also have a pain in black, they are slim styled but this style has been discontinued in favour of a "Slim Straight" jean now in production.

                                                            Dare I say: Geronimo!

UPDATE: Nov 30th 2011

Now, having worn them I can say a few things:
First of all they are very comfortable to wear. They have the "action" sole on the bottom made of rubber so they are very quite, absolutely no clicking like a leather heel.
Because they fit close to the foot, I want to compare them to rock climbing shoes.
But they're boots...
To get in and out you must undo at least 4 eyelets down to get your foot in, only because they do up so high.

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  1. Question, what were the original boots you had (the ones in the comparison shot) not the one's made from the prop company.