Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kept in suspense, brace for excitment

While I'm on the topic of 11th Doctors, I should cast a few kind works towards the Swagger and Swoon people.

I kept checking their site in hopes that the burgundy suspenders (braces) would come back in stock, since they are such a hot commodity, and as luck would have it they did have some in stock. They advertise these as Dr Who braces no less!

But I also ordered a pair of navy (well he wears those too!)
and black. (?)

Black? Yes, I tend to take my Time Lord fashion into the realm of everyday wear and I bought a plaid jacket in a grey color so the black braces are just the thing.
I'm not going for a nega-Doctor or anything, just a different sort of variation on what we've all seen.

Here are some other shots:

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