Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fabric has Landed

If you remember I was working at trying to create my own blue with red pinstripe fabric. The suit I have from Magnoli was a shocking blue, not to mention cut oddly.
Today I got my swatches in the mail:
I will mention that I do not have a proper camera and I used the camera on my Mac to take these. I will take some better ones later. However, oddly enough the fabric changes color based on light. We watched David Tennant's suit through video camera so there is no way of saying what we saw on DW is correct. Here to back me up are some more photos:

Seen here is the medium weight swatch, taken with flash. It appears to be the same color as the pictures that people take of the Tennant suit when on display. hmmm...

Then there is this one, taken without  a flash indoors, it looks truest to how I see, by eye what color the swatches are. Very dark, like a dark denim blue. Like the "too dark" that Steve Ricks made.

And then this is this, which seems to be the right, off screen publicity photos of the blue suit. It's dark but you can still tell it is blue with red stripes.

And finally a comparison:

Here is the swatch I received beside the Magnoli suit I have. I will argue that Magnoli's suit is REALLY the correct fabric, pre-dyed. Absolutely. 100%. It is FAR too bright. Lucky thing that bright colors are in in this years fashion call back to the 70's. (LOL)

For reference sake here is Steve Rick's attempts at dying the original fabric: Fabric dyeing

So what do I think? I might try to do a few more swatches in lighter colors. If they look horrid, I will go back to this one. I may have already found it, but better be super sure.

Almost there!

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