Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tennant Tie Progress

So in order to depict the ties I have and which tie they match to I have prepared this cool chart.
It helps me keep track of what I have left to find.

So I am using a few symbols here:
The Clock means that it is being created and will exist shortly.
The Check means I have something close, but no picture to post yet
The Question mark means that no one knows who made the tie and much about it, pattern wise.

The space directly beside the screen cap is for a "as-close-as-possible"
The next slot is for a good reproduction, with some flaws,
The final slots are for look-alikes, or ties that have the same level of whimsy as the original.


  1. I wanted to help you out with your tie index!
    The 6th tie is already for sale, and in the brown colorway, as well as the blue that you have shown. A lot of the Doctor's ties come from Magnoli Clothiers.
    Hope that helps =)

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for alerting me. I haven't updated this entry because later posts included the new ties. I'm excited to learn Magnoli is working on the Nash tie, seen in "The Idiots Lantern".

      Truth is none of these ties are a mystery any more since Steve Ricks interviewed Louise Page and revealed all their makes.

      Come to think of it, I SHOULD do an update for this, my collection is complete.