Monday, March 14, 2011

That's a nice coat

So I wandered into my usual on campus Monday haunt, the campus bar.
I popped into the washroom and just as I finished up another guy enters. He keeps glancing over his shoulder at me, and I am wondering, what is this?
On my way out, he says, "That's a great coat,"
and me, not being afraid in the Tenth Doctor's coat, say, "Thanks,"
"I used to have one like that, but it's all beaten up" he says,
"I wanted to get a new one,"
"I got this one online I say."
"I was looking online and couldn't find anything."
Now I'm hooked.
"How much are you willing to spend?" This seems a reasonable question, since it is not a cheap coat, but not too unreasonable either.
"About $300."
"Well, that's exactly how much this costs!"
He can't believe his good fortune. I take out a slip of paper from my wallet and scribble down AbbyShot.
"It's the Doctor's coat."
:"I thought so," he says, "But I didn't want to say, and seem like a super nerd."
"That;s ok, I AM a super nerd, and I'm dressed like him."
"I thought when I saw you, "That guy looks like the Doctor!""

I am glad to know that I helped out. I hope he gets one. Mega Awesome.
Great day!

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