Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tie Nine

I am still in shock from the events that just transpired, which is why I haven't posted in a while.

You should all recognize this tie:
It's Tie Nine from Steve Ricks Tie Index.
This tie which first appeared in Daleks in Manhatten. Well it went on being just impossible to find. As my readers know I am always searching for perfect ties to complete my collection. One tie keeps eluding is constantly.

In mid-December I found an excellent close-enough. I bought it immediately.
But then in about a weeks time I received and alert from eBay.

"Unfortunately the tie you purchased was accidentally donated to a charitable organization I donate ties that are damaged to them for projects they make with handicapped teenagers. My daughter whom works with me on ebay A_, gave them the wrong bag and your tie along with about 10 others was in it. I checked with them yesterday and it was already used. My apologies, I have issues an immediate refund."

And like that the tie was gone.
I wrote back in desperation and asked for some pictures, but of course it was too late. All I have a the pictures from the sale:

The Tie table is "SUPERBA" and was listed as being from the 1950's! how perfect for a time traveller. As you can see it is the correct colors and has a repeating floral pattern. With some luck Risu and Magnoli will be working on make a replica of this tie.

I'm sorry I had to repost this entry, the layout was being funny. I do want to answer Doctor Spriggz comment. In deed the eBay tie lacks the vines that the real tie has, but the actual tie has large flowers on it as well, even though we hardly ever see them
Look closely here:


  1. Ahahaha! You're joking! I swear there is some sort of force trying to stop us from acquiring this tie. In a million years I don't think we were going to get any closer other than the real thing.
    But the only way to know for sure is to keep looking!

  2. shame that you lost it, but im sure if you keep looking you'll get it, also any news on the magnolia ricci tie