Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tennant Cotton is BACK!

Hey guys,

I received a tip yesterday that Magnoli has more "Tennant" cotton back in stock.
It is still regrettable $60 a yard. You need 5 yards for a suit so you are still looking at spending $300.
Of course if you are are ordering the Brown suit, it might be cheaper to have it made by Magnoli.
Although I am not convinced by his tailoring...

The Blue cotton can be dyed, but this is an awfully expensive project.
But, it can be done as seen here.

Still working on my own blue suit machinations and will have to wait for more funds to accumulate, since I just ordered some new footwear. You know what I mean...


So Magnoli is offering a new shade of blue for the Blue Suit, "Teal with Rust red stripes"

The top being the new brown, (who knows how it compares to the old factory production)

This is allegedly the new teal fabric.

And the old light blue that people have bought for dying purposes.

I don't know, what do you guys think?


  1. If you want a blue suit by magnoli you can have; bright blue and red stripes or the new* teal blue and rust stripes, which looks much more accurate. Unfortunately you can't buy it as fabric.

  2. Have you seen this teal and rust red fabric?
    I think it's something we've got to ask through the RPF