Monday, December 5, 2011

Brown suit ties- In Depth


I wanted to present the ties by themselves now, so that people could see them without the suit. They have their own unique personality, all have whimsy, all say TIME LORD.
I tend to refer to them by their original maker in regards to the show, however since there are some designer overlap, I will distinguish similar ones by pattern.

Also I am only going to be covering ties that go with the brown suit. As of this moment I don't believe that anyone has a perfect replica of a Blue suit tie. There is of course the difference between the replica ties which are screen accurate on most accounts, and next best alternative ties. Of the possible 12 ties that David Tennant wore in his run as the 10th Doctor 4 can be easily accessed. (The fourth being the Duffer tie, although it is not the correct color)
However as time goes on and styles change, trying to find suitable stand-ins grows harder and harder.
Thus some ties are canon and some are good stand-ins for the real thing.

I am listing them in order as found in Steve Ricks tie-index.

To find a match close enough to the tie worn in Tennant's first full episode I think this proves a reasonable substitute.

The First canon tie going in order according to the tie-index is the Daniel Hetcher tie.

The second canon is the Christian Lacroix tie.

This of course is the stand-in for the Thomas Nash tie
The third is the Giorgio Armani tie.

The Fourth Tie is the St. George by Duffer tie.
On the net it might be called the Duffer tie or the Utopia tie.

And the Partners and Crime spot, which was a Massimo Dutti tie, is being held by this tie. I think I did rather well. It wasn't easy finding a light and dark blue striped tie in brown.

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