Monday, December 5, 2011

Duff's the Stuff!

Right-o! After a two week wait, I finally have my own St. George by Duffer tie, as seen in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Timelords

              This entry is dedicated to CorriTimigan who asked me to take lots of pictures and I humbly obliged

Now excuse me while I review this tie and its counterparts in detail:

First of all I think we all remember Magnoli's Utopia Tie, seen here in a golden color. The actual Duffer tie is quite dark, in some light it even appears black. It is a very rich chocolate brown as most of the Brown Suit ties are (should be)
The blue in the floral design is washed out, not due to lighting but the main color of the tie is so light that it doesn't stand out as much.

As you can see it is really quite striking when matched with the dark blue shirt. I know I paid through the nose for this tie, $350.00. But at least I can admit it.
In my mind this tie is a piece of 10th Doctor History, I will treat it with the awesome respect it deserves.

The much darker tie makes the floral design really pop.
And the blues in it are much more enhanced.

I wish I could review more authentic Tennant ties, and take a bazillion pictures for salivating fans, but for now these will have to do:

UPDATE Dec 7th 2011: By request: FourKnocks wanted me to take a picture with the jacket open, a la the aged Doctor as he emerges from his tent in The Last of the Time Lords.
So, here it is:

But at this point I want to call another tie to the floor,

Fourth in Steve Ricks alternatives is this other tie, in a mysterious brown on brown with repeating floral motif. He displays with the pale blue shirt, I've only worn this tie with the dark blue. 
I was quite curious to see how the two Duffer ties would compare to each other and to the Magnoli replica.

I have taken a many pictures so bear with me,
Now I knew that the alternative Duffer tie was what I would call a medium width tie, not a skinny tie, but it is certainly slimmer than the actual Duffer.

Now I took pictures of both the Magnoli tie and the Duffer tie for people who were interested:

Up first is the real, authentic St. George by Duffer 
And yes FourKnocks I will try to get a scan of this for you.

I've put them side-by-side here so you can see how close the pattern is, it is very exact. Even the ribbed silk on is exact.
The Duffer is on the left and Magnoli's on the right.

And the Magnoli Replica:

I wanted to announce that I am willing to part with my Magnoli replica for anyone who wants it.
Please send a message to and I'll get back to you.

Magnoli left, Duffer right


I am planning on going through with having a blue Tennant suit made, as well as pattern chasing the enigma that is the Daleks in Manhatten tie. Or Tie Nine.


  1. I'm interested in your Magnoli replica tie. :)

  2. Hey Tiney,

    Shoot me an email:

  3. hi, could you scan the tie for me and post the picture on this blog?

  4. Yes FourKnocks, did you read this entry?
    I will when I get the chance.

  5. Yeah, sorry. Just a suggestion, why not (when you have the time) take a picture of the duffer tie on the suit with all the jacket buttons undone, cause the aged doctor does that when he crawls out of his tent in 'last of the timelords"?

  6. Ah, very nice! Of course the only time I go away for a few days is the time you upload these photos :P

    The tie looks absolutely fantastic! I hadn't realised until just now how far off Magnoli's colour really is. Makes you wonder how he managed to get the pattern so perfect and the colour so not.
    But anyway, thanks for all the pictures. This really is an iconic tie, absolutely love the look of it!