Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Press your Luck

Well known and highly regarded as a legendary look is Tennant's outfit for Tooth and Claw.
We now have Magnoli who makes a replica FCUK shirt.
And the brown suit is somewhat available. Checking in at H&M in hopes of finding a slate grey shirt is chancy.
But the real trouble is getting the right thermal henley that the Doctor wears, only in this episode...
(Or does he?)

Well I know Risu has recommend this shirt from American Apparel before and I decided to give it a try:
Baby Thermal Long Sleeve Henley

Shipping to me was FAST. AA has a plant in Montreal. I got it today, and immediately went out to get some snap fasteners. I know my last attempt was a simple brown shirt with capped fastener. I only resorted to those because they didn't sell the tool I needed and I wanted to get that look underway.

And this is what it looks like:

However I am now rethinking my choice of shirt. I bought this shirt on eBay, it being listed as "slate-blue" like the real shirt. It is indeed slate blue, just a light shade. I decided that it was now time to experiment with all the other possible combinations:


I tried the navy shirt, but it just isn't the same, then it donned on me to give the new Girl in the Fireplace shirt a try, because of it's mysterious blue/green color that no one can really define:

And BAM! We're off the the races.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think this shirt, the GIFP is a definite winner. I would add the pick-stiching to it but I only have the one and I really can't afford to muck it up. I think this shirt has come and gone at Banana Republic so it's the only one I'll probably ever have. I know Risu planned on dying his to the correct color seen in GITF.

So I decided to get a bit creative and try something new-ish. I say ish because Tennant did wear a fairly plain shirt in Fear Her (along with BLACK converse, FYI)

I had to trade the slate blue for the Navy H&M tee, which goes much better with it. At least you can see the detail.

Oh yes, about the times that this look appears, lets hope you are all avid Doctor Who fans and know your episodes inside-out:

Hmm what's this? A shot from Blink, when the Doctor and Martha meet Sally Sparrow for the first time.
Not only that by the style is different! He wears his jacket with the second button done up. If you recall, Tooth and Claw was only the third button.
So he wears it twice, now you know!

Please let me know what you think, and if there are any more Tenth Doctor looks/combinations you would like to see me try out.

Until next time,

7&10 out!

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