Monday, March 5, 2012

Doctor's Daughter Tie

Now admittedly this is form dw_cosplay and indirectly from the one and only Bob Mitsch but it is pretty spectacular break though.

The tie from the Doctor's Daughter was only used once. And there are not many good shots of it.
It was never popular enough to be hunted for and so obscure that it's colors and patterns were completely unknown.

Things have changed. Bob had a contact at this years Gallifrey One who owned the original tie.
Sadly there were no tags or markings on the tie that indicated who might have made it.

And there it is, a piece of history. It's like buried treasure.
I can admit now that I was wrong about it's colorway. For the longest time I was convinced it was burgundy with navy stripes. Well, not unlike the John Rocha tie that is also brown, this tie appears to be be brown as well.

I just assumed that because Ten always wore burgundy and blue ties with his suit, this one would be the same, it was a real red-herring. Also the stripes to it. From any of the camera shots you can't see the faint stripes running between the wider ones.

At least this gives us an idea of what we should be looking for and opens my eyes to matching brown ties with the blue suit.

UPDATE: April 22 2012
When I spoke with Steve Ricks in London I asked him about this tie. He had been to Gallifrey and seen the tie himself, as well as communicating with Tenth Doctor costumer designer Louise Page.
What he he told me is that this tie is not the tie from the Doctor's Daughter.
The tie as Louise Page reveals in her interview was a Massimo Dutti tie, and was navy with burgundy stripes. Whatever this tie is, it is not the Doctor's Daughter's tie.

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