Saturday, March 10, 2012

Madness? THIS. IS. FANDOM!

Blue Armani Tie on eBay

Every once and a while one of these pops up.
Sadly this tie is the blue version, but it the correct and authentic Giorgio Armani tie.

The seller is asking £150.00. ($235.19 CAD, $273.06 USD) Wow!

UK people, do you understand the exchange rate? To me, $150.00 CAD is a high price for a tie but worth it if it was Tenth Doctor related. When I bought the Duffer tie, I paid American, which is a few cents difference. Imagine if the Duffer was being sold for £300.00! That's $470.00 CAD...

Might I remind you that this is cheaper by $65 than the AUTHENTIC Duffer tie I bought a while back.
I think you could pay less, seeing as this is NOT the correct color.

But that is just the "Buy It Now" price. I'm sure SOMEONE will pay that price.

Great tie all 'round.

However you won't see me shelling out money on this one. I'm pretty happy with my collection and I've promised myself my next expenditure Tenth Doctor-wise is a display case for my own collection.

Reference pics from eBay:

But I will be sure to monitor the sale and see how much it goes for.
It's like a horse race!


  1. Wow, small world i've just blogged about this tie, blimey, i actually came on to your blog to see if you had blogged about it. lol,

    Brilliant entry m8

    1. Same to you! Sounds like you share the same thoughts that I had.
      I would post a comment but it looks like your comments have been turned off.

  2. Pity, I really like this tie. More, even, than the brown version. Oh well, don't suppose I'll ever get one if they continue going for this price :/