Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hyper Trousers Part II: The Real Deal

Like I promised, here are the screen accurate G-Star Raw jeans.

Let me tell you the quick story of how I can to possess these elusive jeans of mythic proportions.
Not so very long ago a tipster (did I just say that?) on one of the Doctor Who communities informed us that there was a small supply left of G-Star Blade Slim Jeans in 3D aged denim.
But there was a slight problem, they were only available in France, and only shipped to Belgium and Luxembourg. Great.
Enter my friend who is teaching English in France. Lucky, lucky me. She placed the order on my behalf and then shipped them to me back in Canada. Hoorah!
I am extremely thankful to her. To get these screen accurate jeans, in my size and the last pair!
What a save!

Let's move on,   

Now, do recall that Matt's costume was up for auction in November of 2011.

I've taken lots of comparison shots and especially photos of the inside of the jeans as well.
Which, now that I have them on hand, further proves my suspicion as to how they were rolled.

The Denim:
The top shot is of the Crushed Black and the bottom is the 3D Aged denim. It looks at first glance like they are the same sort of weave. However the 3D aged has a waxy coated look.
And as I'll show you, the inside of the leg doesn't...

If the Crushed Black looked shiny in my last post they have been outdone by the 3D aged.

Take a look:

Here, 3D aged on the left and the Crushed Black on the right.
I've got the navy braces attached to the 3D aged, burgundy on the black.

You can immediately tell the difference. Yesterday in the sun the black had a sheen to it, today it has been out shone by the 3D aged. They both even feel different.

Here I have rolled the cuff back exposing the inside of the denim. I don't know if you can see, but of course the inside of the jeans have not been treated with the waxy finish.

Thus when rolled up on the outside not only do you get the inside seams showing, but also the matte untreated denim. If you look back to screen captures of 11, you can tell that the inside of his trousers have no been exposed.

This is just a shot of the the inside of the 3D Aged jeans, so you can see up close what the inside of the leg looks like.

Finally another comparison shot of the 3D Aged on the left with the Crushed Black on the right.
I had been sitting away from them and noticed in the sunlight that they appeared quite different.

That's all about G-Star Raw Slim Blade Jeans in 3D Aged Denim.

However there is one final thing I found that was a real shocker.
I don't even know what to think about this, at all.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing? A moot point or a piece of fluff trivia?

Who else wears G-Star Blade jeans?

Here's a hint...


  1. Replies
    1. I believe that you sir have gotten it right.

    2. Yes their right. : (

      And I died a little when I realized this too.

      I hope it doesn't sully awesome Doctor Who apparel in the future.