Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lucky Seven

Not only do my interests dwell on the 10th Doctor's geek chic attire but also the 7th

Seen here in his first serial is Sylvester McCoy with his season 24/25 look.

I have searched the internet for a good looking red and grey paisley tie and I actually found a good match a while ago. It's been some time for me to post it up here though.

From 2002 Ties:

Paisley red print silk necktie
You can get it here for $15 plus shipping.

Its a close enough match for me!

(Also I might let on that I am, when I have the time, recreating the pattern for the 7th Doctor's scarf. I hope to be able to print it on a light fabric and sew it into a scarf. What we know is that in fact the scarf is BOTH maroon and brown and was the same scarf throughout McCoy's entire run. Except for the tartan one he wore in Time and the Rani)


  1. Really? Getting bored?
    Honestly there is not much going on these days.
    Waiting for Magnoli to make the new Ricci tie and Armani one, worrying about the prospects of more custom Tennant fabric.

    But thank you for following, for your interest I will post up something...

  2. Cheers mate , I check back regularly :D Any tiny updates on the Magnoli front at all? Only I emailed him a few weeks back and both ties were 'works in progress'

  3. I don't know what I can and can't say about the ties. I have been speaking with Risu, perhaps ask him. I personally don't know why Magnoli has not launched the Armani tie, some speculation is that he was having trouble with his factory and may have lost the Armani sample...

    I hope he does not do a poor job of replicating the ties. It took three tries to get the Hetcher tie right. We all hope that this time he gets it right on the first try.