Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where's the Pants

Right, so as of two days ago while I was in the disappointing Le Chateau outlet, I did happen to come across a bit of good, or interesting news.

faux-Tennant pants have turned up.

Now I do have to say, they are not the GAP pants, nor are the made of cotton. They are, as far as I can recall made of polyester. I am not sure what sizes are left, but if you are in the area, take a look.
I DID take a look for the matching jackets, but none could be found. They are an old stock from seasons long past, so this might be it.

For the store's location click here.

Also, someone was asking about how the Tennant tie progress was going.
What I can tell you is that you won't see them anytime soon.
Risu is working when he has time on the Ricci pattern (burgundy and mauve tie) and when thats complete Magnoli will start on the Armani (circle square tie)
Also I've heard that Magnoli will, once both of these are completed, be working on a 11th Doctor
 bow tie, most likely the blue bow tie with the Aztec "I" design.
It appears to be true that Magnoli is also having new Tennant fabric made. The new blue with red pinstripes maybe what we have all be hoping for all these years.

If you want to keep in the know, I recommend following the RPF's Magnoli tie thread.
Without a doubt, that is where Magnoli will debut his ties.

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